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Why Bundle?

  • Save money when you bundle your services versus paying separately
  • Dependable, clear calls •Get the most popular features in one package
  • Local service
  • Bundled plans average over 50% savings versus paying for individual services each month
  • Great for people that want all of their communications services on one easy bill
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Unlimited FREE incoming calls

Fiber To The Home

(Not Available in All Areas)

Star Fiber

Amazing Fiber to the Home Technology comes to you over a 100% fiber optic network.

Star Communications is one of the few service providers that can offer a triple play of services including Voice, Long Distance, Ultra-High Speed Internet, and Digital IP TV to its customers over Fiber to the Home.

Phone Service

Communication with friends and loved ones shouldn't be complicated. We have the answer with our local phone service starting at $22.95 per month. Check out our additional plans available to you!


(Not Available in all areas)

Star TV

Star TV is crisp, digital TV at your fingertips. Start enjoying 156 exciting channels including your favorite music and pay per view channels today! Not to mention the availability of your favorite premium channels, TV Caller ID, DVR, Pay Per View and more!

Fireline DSL

It’s All About the Connection... With FireLine, you can upload large data files, view large website graphics, and manage finances online at lightning fast speeds. Your family or business can search the Web and talk or fax on the same line at the same time.

High Speed Internet starting at $29.95

Learn more about Star Fiber