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A Little Bit About Us

Star Communications Production Team is Chris Heuer & Jason Miller. A small team that produces big results! Chris has been producing commercials for over twenty years and has a list of awards to show for it including three Emmys, several Tellys and a Cine Golden Eagle Award. Jason has a degree in Communications from ECU. He was on the video crew for the ECU football team and has been producing ads for the last five years as well as designing websites for almost fifteen years.

This team is passionate about producing high quality work at every budget level. They believe in making ads that entertain as well as inform, so people want to watch your ad and will even talk about it around the water cooler. To do this, Chris & Jason work hard to stay on top of the latest trends, tools, software and techniques so they can produce interesting concepts and visuals that get people’s attention.

The team wants to get the community involved and excited about the production. They frequently cast local people in their ads. They also have a Facebook page where they continually update what projects they are working on and often “pull back the curtain” with “Behind the Scenes” featurettes that show how the clever ads they produce were done.

We can tell you about our Production all day long, but a picture’s worth a thousand words. Have a look at our Production Demo Reel and see for yourself!


Recent WORK

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Sampson County Partnership for Children

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Carlie C's IGA

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ABC Express Insurance

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Duplin Winery

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Contact Production

Phone: 910-564-9990

Toll Free: 1-855-237-7481


Current News

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Emmy Nominations

Star Communications Production has been nominated for two Emmys this year.

Complete list link –

The announcements livestreame at


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Emmys - 2017 Entries

Once again Star Communications has entered commercials for nomination into the 2017 Emmys.