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Hosted IT Services

Services offered:

  • IT Consulting
    Star will consult with you and your business to provide insight on how to make technology work better and more efficiently for you. Let our highly experienced staff help with desktop support, network design, server support, and much more.

  • Hosted Services/Cloud
    Star provides state of the art data center services that offer secure hosting of your servers, data, and email all within our data center. Let us take the worry out of power issues, updates, and security. Our hosted services let us take care of the “IT” for your company, allowing you to focus on what you do best, run your business

  • Managed Services
    Our managed services provide 24/7 monitoring of your data components. You will receive alarms if anything occurs with your equipment that might be abnormal thus ensuring your technology is safe and secure. We provide on-site verification that your network is optimized to be the best it can be. We also offer WiFi solution for corporations and small to medium businesses. We install and program Cisco FireWalls to ensure your data is safe. Let us help you with your IT needs.

  • Data Warehousing/Backup
    Having an offsite data backup is crucial to the integrity of your business. We at Star have CO data centers that offer the most secure environment for backing up your data. We utilize halon gas fire suppressant systems, battery and generator power backup systems, multi-site locations, and gated - steel door access, all to keep your data safe. Your backups will be secure – so rest easy with Star.

  • Hosted VoIP Phone Systems
    Our hosted voice platform is engineered for excellence. We utilize carrier grade hosted voice services, providing you with reliability not offered by other providers. All the services you are accustomed to (paging, intercom, voicemail, ACD, music-on-hold, office-to-office transfer, etc.) we offer and many more. Anything you can do today on your business phone system, we can do it and more. The great benefit with a hosted voice solution is we maintain and host all the equipment and power backups. Implementation is easy and pain free. We configure the phones and dialing plans to suit your needs and all you need to do is plug your choice of business sets. It’s that easy.

  • Virus Scanning & Protection/Email
    The data world can be a dangerous place. We read everyday how viruses hold company data hostage, how spybots record passwords and credit card information. With these looming threats, can turn to Star to be your partner in keeping malware out of your network. Embrace the advantages technology affords your business and don’t run scared. We are here and can help.

  • Network Security Auditing/Firewalls
    One of the most important services we offer at Star is the ability to inspect your business to verifty your network and data security. With some of the nations most versed and intelligent data engineers, Star informs you of loopholes or potential threats that might allow someone to harm your data. This is something ALL businesses need on an annual basis, just as each of us needs a checkup once a year. Let Star handle your business security checkup. CEO’s and CIO’s and other executives need assurance from an outside source that their current IT network and data are as secure as possible. We offer business a peace of mind with this service. Take advantage of our expertise. Do this for your business before a catastrophic issue happens and it is too late.

Hosted IT Services from Star