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Important Forms & Notices

Annual Regulatory Notices
Star Telephone - Wilmington  
Star Telephone - Raleigh  
StarVision Luminous - Wilmington  
StarVision Luminous - Raleigh  
General Notices
Battery Backup Service  
By-Laws of Star Telephone  
Complaint Resolution for Star TV  
Copyright Policy  
Closed Captioning  
Do Not Call  
Federal and State Fees, Taxes, and Surcharges  
FireLine DSL Business User Agreement  
FireLine DSL Residential User Agreement  
Lifeline General Information  
Lifeline Application (English)  
Lifeline Application (Spanish)  
Local Content Disclaimer  
Mandatory 10 Digit Dialing (Effective Oct. 2021)  
New Area Code Coming Notice  
Reassigned Numbers Database  
Robo Call Mitigation  
StarVision Public Inspection  
Star Communications Contract  
WBITS (Wireline Broadband Internet Transport Service)  
Network Management & Policies
Digital Discrimination Policy  
Star Communications App Privacy Policy  
Star Communications App Privacy Policy_MR  
STMC Acceptable Use Policy  
STMC Network Management Policy  
STMC Network Management FAQs  
STMC Privacy Policy
Voice Acceptable Usage Policy
Website Privacy Policy
Miscellaneous Policies & Forms
Long Distance Tariff  
Static IP Form
Misc. TV Brochures
Star TV - Raleigh Market  
Star TV - Wilmington Market  
Star TV+ Raleigh Market  
Star TV+ Wilmington Market  
Luminous TV Residential
Luminous TV Residential - Wilmington
Transparency in Coverage
No Surprise Act Requirements  


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