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Star TV - New Features and Support

Our video platform is newly designed and incorporates multiple features on your existing set top box.
Using your existing set top box, these features will be available to you after the system is updated.

Restart TVWith Restart TV, you will have the capability to start most shows that are currently airing, from the beginning. 

Local VodLocal Video on Demand will grant you the ability to watch all your local favorites several days after it originally aired. Whether it is a high school football game, parade, or the We Should Know show, Local VOD has it available for you!

Cloud DVRWhole home DVR is being replaced by Cloud DVR. Cloud DVR will store your recorded content on our servers, rather than in a physical DVR box. This way, recorded content will not be lost if your box is changed for any reason. 

 *Disclaimer: Restart TV and Local VOD are available to you free of change now! In order to get Cloud DVR you must have a DVR subscription.

Cloud DVR Options

The new Restart TV and Local VOD features are FREE with your video subscription.

Cloud DVR pricing is based on how many shows you would like to record at one time and available storage space.