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Welcome to the new way to watch TV!

Star Communications offers a user friendly streaming platform to our customers.

Feel good about making the switch to streaming! There are multiple benefits to Star TV+ Streaming.

No install appointment needed
Watch Star TV+ anywhere there is power and Star internet
Available on select Roku's Fire Stick's Apple TV's Laptop's and smart phone's.
No cable box fees


Star TV+ Streaming - Channel Line Up

We've got the best variety of quality TV,
so you can make sure you are getting the most
bang for your buck. Take a look at our channel


We have Roku's and Fire Stick's available for purchase!

A plus to this service is that you can bring your own device.

To see what devices are compatible with Star TV+ click here!


Roku 4k Streaming Stick

Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick 4K

Cloud DVR

You can enhance your Star TV+ Streaming experience by adding Cloud DVR to your package!


Standard Package
Gold Package
Platinum Package

Please note, recordings will last for 360 days before being deleted unless flagged.

Star TV+ Frequently Asked Questions   

Yes, Star TV+ lets you bring your own device as long as it’s one of the following:


  • Express 3900X
  • Premier 3920X
  • Streaming Stick 3810X
  • Ultra 4640X
  • Roku 4 4400X

Amazon Fire TV

  • Stick Gen2
  • Fire TV Gen3
  • Streaming Stick 3810X
  • Stick 4K
  • Fire Cube Gen2

Tablets and Phones

  • iPads and iPhones (version 10 iOS or better)
  • Android Tablets and phones (version 5 or better)
  • Windows computers and phones

Yes. The basic account comes with 3 simultaneous streams and up to 5 devices that can be registered at any given time. You can upgrade to the following:

  • Add 2 additional Streams for $4.50 per month, on up to 10 devices
  • Add 4 additional Streams for $8.50 per month, on up to 15 devices

Similar to Netflix and other streaming services, Star TV+ has a time-out feature. After 8 hours of continuous streaming, you will receive a pop-up message asking if you are still watching Star TV+. If so, you simply choose “yes” to continue watching.

Star TV+ is a streaming video service which requires a strong Internet connection to avoid buffering. A minimum speed of 25 Mbps is the lowest speed that we can recommend for reliable streaming. We recommend higher speeds if you have multiple Internet devices working in your home simultaneously.

No, Star TV+ only works while connected to a Star Communications Internet connection. However, with our WatchTVEverywhere feature, you can stream many of our channels wherever you are, for free. Ask a CSR about signing up for WatchTVEverywhere today.

Closed Captioning can be enabled on the Roku device by pressing the "*" button on the remote.

Closed Captioning can be enabled on the Amazon Fire TV device by pressing the center select button. The programming information will be displayed, along with a "CC" icon on the bottom left of the screen. Press the down arrow to highlight the "CC" and then press the center select button. The same procedure is used to cancel Closed Captioning.

Not all programming supports Closed Captioning.

On Star TV and Star TV+ we offer you the ability to record shows. No longer do you need to have a large DVR recorder in your home, we store the recordings for you in the cloud. For $9.95 per month, you can subscribe to our NVR (Network Video Recording) option. This will give you the ability to store 300 Gigabytes of video (approx. 150 hours of storage). At any given time, you can record as many shows at a time as you have streams of video. (example - 5 streams of video – record 5 shows at one time).

Yes, you can buy more NVR storage to suit the needs of your household. If you want more storage than the 300 Gig you currently have, you have the following choices:

  • 500 Gig - $11.95 (approx. 300 hours of storage) and 5 record streams
  • 1 TB - $14.95 (approx. 500 hours of storage) and 7 record streams

They are similar. Star TV+ does not include SD (Standard Definition) channels that are duplicates in HD. Also, Star TV+ does not come with music choice channels due to the popularity of streaming options today.