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Whole Home Managed Wi-Fi from Star Communications

The ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi experience, all managed by Star, so you can have a stress-free connection in every room of your home. 

 Star’s managed Wi-Fi service is a wireless solution that enables you to avoid connectivity problems by letting Star handle the setup and maintenance of your service. We offer two managed Wi-Fi solutions, as well as a mesh option, so you get the coverage you desire – no more dead spots!

No matter if you’re streaming, working from home, gaming, or simply surfing the web, Star’s managed Wi-Fi service will enhance your experience like never before!

Star’s managed Wi-Fi components consist of Wi-Fi 6 level technology that offer both greater coverage area and faster wireless speeds.

Competitior Wi-Fi

Star's Managed Whole Home Wi-Fi


*Please note: All installs are subject to a $25.00 installation fee.


Free Wi-Fi App

You will also be able to download the Calix Command IQ app on your phone or tablet. The app will allow you to control all aspects of your connected home experience such as:

  • Reset the primary SSID or password for Wi-Fi (PASSWORD MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 10 CHARACTERS)
  • Run bandwidth tests to monitor network performance
  • View and assign connected devices to profile, places and/or priority networks
  • Create a guest, work-from-home, or custom wireless network
  • Add new devices to the network quickly and easy through the app’s WPS feature
  • Set parental controls and view advanced security option



If interested in improving your Internet experience, call Star today to learn more and sign up for managed Wi-Fi. 

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